Program Information: Psychology Training

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Member Site Information
APPIC Member Number: 2182
Program Type: Internship
Membership Type: Full Membership
Site: Frontier Health Services
Department: Psychology Training
Address: 109 West Watauga Avenue
Johnson City, Tennessee 37604
Country: United States
Metro Area: Not Applicable
Distance from Major City: Tricities Johnson City, Kingsport, Bristol and SW Virginia
Phone: 423-512-1585
Fax: 423-727-2110
Web Address:
Brochure Website's Address: http://Frontier
Primary Agency Type: Community Mental Health Center
Additional Agency Types:
Member of APPIC since: 05/16/2011
APA Accreditation Accredited
CPA Accreditation Not Accredited
Internship Staff/Faculty Information
Training Director & Lead / Director: Preston Visser
Chief Psychologist: Preston Visser
Number of Full-Time Licensed Doctoral Psychologists on Staff/Faculty 2
Number of Part-Time Licensed Doctoral Psychologists on Staff/Faculty 1
Position Information
Start Date: 08/03/2020
Number of Full Time Slots Expected Next Class: 2
Number of Part Time Slots Expected Next Class: 0
Full Time Annual Stipend for Next Class: 22000
Part Time Annual Stipend for Next Class:
Fringe Benefits: Professional Development Time, Sick Leave, Vacation
Other Fringe Benefits (not indicated above): $1,000 to help pay for health insurance
Brief description of the typical work day for an intern at this training site Interns will have a full schedule with clients, assessments, supervision and didactics. If it is a clinical day, interns will see clients throughout the day. If it is an assessment day they will be administering and scoring assessments and writing reports. Individual and group supervision occur weekly, as does two hours of didactic training.
Does this site have practicum psychology students on site? No
Is this program fully affiliated with one or more doctoral programs? No
Is this program partially affiliated with one or more doctoral programs? No
Internship Application Process
Accepting Applicants: Yes
Application Due Date: 12/01/2019 11:59 PM
Application Due Date Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time
This program uses the AAPI: Yes
An onsite interview is: Required
Interview notification date: 12/15/2019
Interview notification date time zone: Eastern Standard Time
Tentative interview date: 01/15/2020
Interview process description:

There will likely be two interview dates in January, usually on Wednesdays. with the first approximately the the 15th.  Applicants are notified by e-mail, and help is offered for information about travel arrangements and/or places to stay if needed.  Approximately eight applicants are invited to each interview day.   Applicants meet as a group with staff and current interns for orientation to the program.  Each applicant then meets individually with approximately five staff members for a series of 15 minute interviews.  When not being interviewed, applicants have the opportunity to interact informally with current interns.  Opportunities to ask questions and to visit several of the sites where interns are placed is offered.  Snacks and lunch are offered.  Interviews begin at 8:30 a.m. and interviews and site visits are complete by around 2:00 p.m.

How to obtain application info: Email the Program
Preferred method of contacting the program: Email the Program
We have matched with interns from these programs: East Tennessee State University, Marywood University, University of Tennessee/Knoxville, Institute of Psychological Services, Georgia Southern University, Biola University, University of Indianapolis, Antioch University, Adler University, Forest University, University of the Cumberlands,, Nova Southeastern University, Argosy (Chicago), Mercer University, Marshall University, The Wright Institute, Palo Alto University, Carlos Albizu University, University of Houston-Clear Lakes, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
Internship Applicant Requirements
US Citizenship Required: Yes
Canadian Citizenship Required: Yes
Masters Degree Required: Yes, by application deadline
Comprehensive Exams Passed: Yes, by application deadline
Dissertation Proposal Approved: Yes, by ranking deadline
Dissertation Defended: No
Minimum Number of AAPI Intervention Hours: 400
Minimum Number of AAPI Assessment Hours: 50
Minimum Number of Years of Grad Training Required: 4
Accepted / Not-Accepted Program Types
Clinical Psychology Accepted
Counseling Psychology Accepted
School Psychology Accepted
APA-Accredited Accepted
CPA-Accredited Accepted
Non-Accredited Accepted
Ph.D Degree Accepted
Psy.D. Degree Accepted
Ed.D. Degree Not Accepted
This institution, department, internship, or postdoctoral program requires trainees to sign a statement about personal behavior and/or religious beliefs as a condition of admission and/or retention in the program: No
How to obtain text of statement:
Other Requirements: Pass basic background check as required by our Human Resources Department. Please check with the internship if you have any questions about potential problems from your legal history. Multiple driving offenses, especially any history of a DUI, could be exclusionary.
Program Description

Frontier Health is a community mental health organization servicing communities in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. It offers a wide range of services for children and adults.

Frontier Health Services Doctoal Internship in Psychology (FHSDIP) will be offering 2 internship positions, both of which will be focused on Children & Youth services.  We have offered an adult track in the past but are not currently planning to offer the adult track for the 2020-2021 training cycle.  This site will be updated ASAP if we decide to offer an adult track. 

The Child & Adolescent Track has 2 positions, both of which are located in or near Kingsport, TN.  Interns in these positions conduct intake assessments, individual therapy, and family therapy.  There may be some opportunities for conducting groups that serve children and adolescents living in a residential treatment environment.

Interns may work approximately 2-4 days per month with Frontier Health's Assessment services conducting psychological evaluations for a variety of referral reasons and sources.   Receiving training and supervision in assessments is considered a priority in this internship.  The bulk of assessment work involves diagnostic clarification, intelligence testing, and other similar assessments for therapists, community agencies, and local medical providers.  

The interns function as integral members of the interdisciplinary teams of each assigned site and, as possible, attend staff meetings and clinical staffings.  Interns work closely with Social Workers, Licensed Professional Counselors, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners and Psychiatrists.  Frontier Health has a fully implemented electronic record.  Frontier Health is an approved sponsor for APA training and sponsors approximately 4 workshops a year with at least one being given by an internationally known presenter, and interns are expected to attend.

Internship Training Opportunities


Children: Yes
Adolescents: Yes
Family: Yes
Older Adults:
Outpatients: Yes
Gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender: Yes
Ethnic minorities:
International Students:
Rural: Yes
Low income: Yes
Homelessness: Yes

Treatment Modalities

Assessment: EXPERIENCE (21% to 30%)
Individual Therapy: Major Area of Study (50% or Greater)
Couples Therapy: EXPOSURE (1% to 20%)
Family Therapy: EXPOSURE (1% to 20%)
Group Therapy: EXPOSURE (1% to 20%)
Community Intervention:
Crisis Intervention: EXPOSURE (1% to 20%)
Brief Psychotherapy: EXPERIENCE (21% to 30%)
Long-term Psychotherapy: EMPHASIS (31% to 49%)
Cognitive Rehabilitation:
Primary Care:
Evidenced Based Practice: Major Area of Study (50% or Greater)
Evidence Based Research:
Supervision of Practicum students :


Health Psychology:
Women's Health:
Eating Disorders:
Sexual Disorders:
Sports Psychology:
Rehabilitation Psychology:
Physical Disabilities:
Learning Disabilities: EXPOSURE (1% to 20%)
Developmental Disabilities: EXPOSURE (1% to 20%)
Assessment: EXPERIENCE (21% to 30%)
Serious Mental Illness: EXPERIENCE (21% to 30%)
Anxiety Disorders: EXPERIENCE (21% to 30%)
Trauma/PTSD: EXPERIENCE (21% to 30%)
Sexual Abuse: EXPOSURE (1% to 20%)
Substance Use Disorders: EXPOSURE (1% to 20%)
Sexual Offenders:
Pediatrics: Major Area of Study (50% or Greater)
Counseling: EXPERIENCE (21% to 30%)
Vocational/Career Development:
Multicultural Therapy:
Feminist Therapy:
Empirically-Supported Treatments: Major Area of Study (50% or Greater)
Public Policy/Advocacy:
Program Development/Evaluation:
Integrated health care - primary:
Integrated health care - specialty:

Additional information about training opportunities: Not all rotations or experiences may be available at all consortium sites, and some internship programs may not have updated this information recently. Please consult the program's web site or other application materials for a complete description of the training opportunities available at each site.

Summary of the Characteristics of the Specified Internship Class
2017-2018 2018-2019 2019-2020
Number of Completed Applications: 24 55 37
Number of applicants invited for interviews: 18 20 21
Total number of interns: 2 3 2
Total number of interns from APA/CPA accredited programs: 1 3 1
Total number of interns from Ph.D. programs: 2 1
Total number of interns from Psy.D. programs: 2 1 1
Total number of interns from Ed.D. programs:
Number of interns that come from a Clinical Psychology program 2 3 2
Number of interns that come from a Counseling Psychology program
Number of interns that come from a School Psychology program
Range of integrated assessment reports: lowest number of reports written 40 9 2
Range of integrated assessment reports: highest number of reports written 66 37 35
Summary of Post Internship Employment Settings of Each Internship Class
2016-2017 2017-2018 2018-2019
Working on dissertation/Student: 0 0 1
Postdoctoral Fellow: 3 1 0
Community Mental Health Center: 1 0 1
Health Maintenance Organization: 0 0 0
Veteran's Affairs Medical Center: 0 0 0
Military Medical Center: 0 0 0
Private General Hospital: 0 0 0
General Hospital: 0 0 0
Other Medical Center: 0 0 0
Private Psychiatric Hospital: 0 0 0
State/County/Other Public Hospital: 0 0 0
Correctional Facility: 0 0 0
School District/System: 0 0 0
University Counseling Center: 0 0 0
University Teaching Faculty: 0 0 0
2 or 4 year Undergraduate Teaching Position: 0 0 0
Medical School: 0 0 1
Academic Non-Teaching Position: 0 0 0
Research Position: 0 0 0
Independent Practice: 2 1 0
Other (e.g. consulting): 1 0 0
Not Currently Employed: 0 0 0
Changed to Other Career Field: 0 0 0
Unknown: 0 0 0